2021 Fine Silver Proof Year Set

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The Coin Company is proud to present 2021 Fine Silver Proof Year Set produced by The Royal Australian Mint.

This stunning 2021 Fine Silver Proof Year Set comprises six beautifully manufactured fine silver coins featuring Australia’s iconic circulating designs enhanced with striking new frosting and polished finishes.  The Royal Australian Mint has once again set a new benchmark in numismatic quality and attention to detail.

When creating a design on metal in shallow relief a range of frosted and polished finishes can be applied to accentuate the design, bringing it to life, giving it depth and adding layers of complexity. Traditionally these intricate embellishments have been engraved onto the master tool by hand, requiring skills honed over years of intricate and exacting work. 

Recent innovations have seen lasers used to etch even more delicate details onto the minute surfaces of these miniature artworks. 

This set of fine silver proof coins in each of Australia’s current standard denominations, celebrates the talent and skills of the artists and technicians at the Royal Australian Mint. It will make a significant addition to the collections of Australian coin enthusiasts.

2021 Fine Silver Proof Year Set has a limited mintage of 1000 sets


Product Availability - Early August!