2021 $1 Mungo Footprint Silver Proof Coin

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The Coin Company is proud to present 2021 $1 Mungo Footprint Silver Proof Coin produced by The Royal Australian Mint

Twenty thousand years ago a family group walked across the soft claypan of an ancient drying lake bed. A few days later a number of hunters ran across the area chasing game. Finally, and most remarkably, an individual 'hopped' across the claypan leaving a single line of right footprints. These three journeys or stories have been captured forever in the petrified clay of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, and are known as the Mungo footprint..

The footprints were discovered in 2003 when the shifting sand dunes revealed the petrified indentations to archaeologist undertaking a survey of the area. Further digging and research revealed one of the most intriguing and intact insights into how people lived, traveled, hunted and survived in the Pleistocene era during the last ice age. In 2006 the tracks were covered again by sand to protect them from the elements. Only a handful of people know the exact location of these wondrous footprints in time.

2021 $1 Mungo Footprint Silver Proof Coin has a limited mintage of 5000 coins 


Availability - Mid/End October