Great Britain 2022 £5 28.28g Silver Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Proof Coin

The Royal Mint
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The Coin Company is proud to present Great Britain 2022 £5 28.28g Silver Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Proof Coin, produced by the The Royal Mint

The world mourned at the passing of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II upon her death on September 8, 2022. To honor her lifetime of service to the people of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, the world-renowned Royal Mint has released a series of Queen’s Memorial coins that pay tribute to her legacy built upon more than 70 years on the throne in faithful duty to her people. And crowning these coins are not only poignant images that are representative of the beloved late monarch, but the first official coin portrait of the new king, Elizabeth’s son, King Charles III.

This silver coin  features a pair of portraits depicting Queen Elizabeth II—one young and one more mature—on the coin’s reverse. Designed by British sculptor John Bergdahl, the “young” portrait appears on the left facing the mature queen on the right. An inscription that reads: “ELIZABETH II • DEVOTED TO YOUR SERVICE” appears on the coin’s edge. The coin’s obverse shows the new effigy of King Charles III as designed by British sculptor and calligrapher Martin Jennings. As per British tradition, Charles is shown facing left, the opposite direction of Elizabeth’s portrait over the years that always faced right. Whenever a new monarch ascends to the throne in Great Britain, the new effigy always faces the opposite direction of the previous monarch. 

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